things to avoid

Their are plenty of products out their today that can damage your health in the long run and it can be difficult to avoid when they are constantly shoved in your faces through advertisements and they tend to be in every shop you walk into but resisting is the key to becoming healthy.

Fizzy drinks

Coke, Fanta, Sprite these are all examples of drinks that people find hard to turn away from. these drinksw are filled with sugar which we all know is not good and they also carry caffeine which makes it addictive for some but one trick to stop drinking fizzy drinks is to drink sparkling water instead.


Mc Donalds, Kebabs, KFC these can really damage your body all high in colestral which could lead to heart attacks. but the most common thing that happens when people constantly eat these foods is fat, they put on weight and we all know that is clearly not healthy. so what can you do to avoid these shops, you can try healthier recipies, their are some that taste just as good as your favorite takeaways but don't carry the horrible things that your Big mac meals carry.