1 or 2 photographers during wedding?

How many photographers is necessary at a wedding? and what are the benfits and disadvantages of having 2 and under what circumstances will you need 2 photographers


Firstly having 2 photographers means that their are two minds at work and if the two can work together well then they can give you the best possible pictures as you know the saying 2 minds are better than 1. There is aslo the option for more images more of the wedding can be captured from two different angles, Also if any of the cameras for some reason fail to work on the day you have a back up with the secound photographer. At sikh weddings there are alot of rituals and lots of details that one photographer could potentially miss. Lastly you can get a variety of images as the two photographers will have different styles and you can pick your favourite ones.


The main negative is the price as you will be paying for two photographers and is 2 photographers too many meaning will 2 photographers make a big difference as 1 photographer may be capable of getting the shots you desire.